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Mercer County KY Queries - 1998
(Archived posts from 1997 - June 2001)

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Eunice Johnson <smokey@aa.net> Sun, 29 Nov 1998
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Adam Christison was born 18 Aug. 1794 in Mercer Co., KY. Married Margaret(Peggy) Silvers 6 Aug. 1816 in Casey Co., KY. Who were Adam's parents?
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CINDY ROBBINS <rrobbuffal@aol.com> Mon, 30 Nov 1998
I have a Priscilla J, Adams born Aug.1848 in Mercer Co.KY.She married Peyton T. Carson on Feb.27,1873 in Bushnell, McDonough Co,Illinois.They had 8 children. Priscilla was the daughter of Robert A. Adams and Caroline Garrison. Priscilla and Peyton moved to Dennis, Labette, Kansas. ----Priscilla died Jan.30,1930 in Parsons,Ks. and is buried at Harmoney Cem. in Dennis,Ks. ---The other siblings of Priscilla are Charles Edward Adams, Sophia Adams(married a SWAYZE)and was living in Morehead, Neosho Co, Kansas at the time of her father's death in 1895. James J. Adams(maybe John J. Adams),he was living in Macomb, Illinois when his father died in 1895. Susie Adams(Armstrong)was living in Atlanta,Cowley Co, Kansas at the time of her father's death in 1895.And Samuel O. Adams was living at the homeplace near Bushnell, McDonough Co, Illinois. Robert A. Adams was born in Mercer County in 1820. Caroline was born in 1820, in Ohio or Indiana. Robert and Caroline moved to Bushnell,Illinois around 1852. Does anyone know who the parents of Robert were? Also need any information on Samuel,he married Arabella B. Wilson-she was from Illinois.Anything on James or anyone? Thanks from Cindy!!!!!!
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Surnames: MARTIN, SHOFFNER#00913
William T. Smith <inoutoldky@aol.com> Tue, 01 Dec 1998
Sarah SHOFFNER, daughter of Henry SHOFFNER and Chloe HART Shoffner was born in Mercer County 16 Mar 1792. She married William L. MARTIN. They lived in Green and LaRue Counties, but I can't find a marriage record for them there. Is there one in Mercer County?`
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Van Arsdall grave-Attn:Natalie
Barbara Terhune <bat@bitstorm.net> Wed, 02 Dec 1998
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Where is your farm in Mercer Co? Anywhere near Cornishville Rd or west of Harrodsburg? I am also seeking Van Arsdall information between 1800-1900+. Some Van Arsdalls married into the Terhune and Dean families, among others of course.

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CINDY ROBBINS <rrobbuffal@aol.com> Thu, 03 Dec 1998
Martha S. Adams was probly born in Mercer County.She moved to Bushnell,McDpnough Co.Illinois with her parents,Robert Adams and Caroline Garrison. Martha married James Woodford Armstrong DEC.10,1879 IN Bushnell,Illinois. Martha and James were living in Atlanta,Cowley,Kansas at the time of her fathers' death in 1895. Siblings of Martha's are Charles Edward Adams,Priscilla J.Adams(married Peyton T. Carson), Sophia Adams(married an unknown SWAYZE),Samuel O. Adams married Arabella B. Wilson and John J. Adams(maybe James J. Adams. Any help out there. JAMES WOODFORD ARMSTRONG was born in Christian Co, Illinois in 1855, Like to know any information on any of the ADAMS ,SWAYZE ,WILSON,etc. I have information on CHARLES EDWARD ADAMS- Thanks from Cindy!!!!!!!
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Surnames: CREAGH#00920
Jan Broxterman <jbinsure@nmia.com> Fri, 04 Dec 1998
Am seeking information on Richard CREAGH and his unit which served in the war with Mexico. Second Regiment of KY Foot Volunteers under Col. William R. McKee. Unit 10, Roll of Capt. Phillip B. Thompson's Company. Enrolled 19 May 1846 at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KY, by Capt. Thompson. Mustered in 9 Jun 1846 Louisville KY and mustered out 8 Jun 1847 in New Orleans.
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Jessy Luster/Lester
Surnames: LESTER, LUSTER#00921
Jack Lester <jlester@preferred.com> Fri, 04 Dec 1998
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I am trying to find information on Jessy Luster/Lester who was in Mercer co., Ky in 1810. Any help would be appreciated. He could possible be connected with Abner Luster/Lester. Any help will be appreciated.


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Surnames: HILL, LYEN, LYON, LYONS#00923
Ellen I Weber <weberei@yahoo.com> Fri, 04 Dec 1998
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I have a Joseph Lyons named in his mothers will and l have him listed as 'still living in 1805' in Mercer Co. KY. He is the son of Stephen Lyons and I have a family group with all of his siblings listed. Happy to share if this is your Joseph.

Ellen Weber

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Surnames: CASEY, HART#00926
Dee Whitten <wwhit8@aol.com> Sat, 05 Dec 1998
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John S. HART m. 1793 in Mercer County to Elizabeth CASEY.
John was born 1772 in N.C. Elizabeth born 1775 N.C.(census) Their
children: William, David, Mary (Polly), John and Samuel
all born in Kentucky. This family moved to Warrick Co. Ind.
where John was an associate Judge for 12 years. He died 1858
in Hart Twp. Elizabeth died 1856. Looking for parents and
siblings for both John and Elizabeth. David CASEY signed as bondsman on their
marriage record. - Thanks for any information. Dee Whitten
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Surnames: ADAMS#00927
CINDY ROBBINS <rrobbuffal@aol.com> Sat, 05 Dec 1998
Robert A. Adams born 1820 in Mercer County. He married Caroline Garrison in Parke Co, Indiana,in 1842. They had six children: Sophia Ann Adams born in Ky,married Caleb Swayze(born in New Jersey),Charles Edward Adams born in Mercer Co,married Charity Medaris in Bushnell, McDonough Co,Illinois- Priscilla J. Adams born inj KY,married Peyton T. Carson in Bushnell,Illinois.--John J. Adams ,born in McDonough Co, Illinois,married Alice A. Hastie in Macomb, Illinois.---Samuel O. Adams born in Illinois,married Arabella B. Wilson 1880 in Bushnell, Illinois. --Martha Susie Adams born in Illinois,married James W. Armstrong(DEC.10,1879 in Bushnell). Just thought I would pass this along. Like to know who the parents of my ROBERT A. ADAMS was. Robert died in 1895 in Bushnell, Illinois. Robert and Caroline moved to Illinois sometime after 1849. They lived in Hancock County ,Illinois before they moved to McDonough Co, Illinois. I do not know where Caroline is buried. She was not buried with Robert in Bushnell. Most of the children were living in Kansas when Robert died in 1895. Anyn help out there??? Thanks from Cindy
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Hales of Mercer County
Surnames: HALE#00928
Joyce Glvoer <jglover@usit.net> Sat, 05 Dec 1998
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Saw your query dated May 1998 requesting info on John Hale and Mary Willis of Mercer county. I have information on their decendants (through their daughter Rhoda), but little on their parents. All I know is John Hale's father was
John Hale, Sr. and apparently they both fought in the Revolutionary War. Any other info you have would be appreciated.
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Smock family
Surnames: SMOCK, STAGG#00929
Robert E. Smock <rosmo1@aol.com> Mon, 07 Dec 1998
Am Researching Smock family in Mercer Co. Ky. My gggfather
Abraham Smock b.1779 Conewago, Pa. m.c1800 Mary?(Polly) Stagg,
b. 1776, pbly Conewago, Pa. . She was dau of Captain James Stagg.Interested to obtain any info of
children of this union. Mary (or Polly) d. c1852, is buried
pbly Pleasant Grove Cemetary, Switzerland Co. In. James
Smock, my ggfather, b 1808, migrated to Indiana after 1832.
Any info would be helpful, and most apreciated.
Best regards to All
Bob Smock
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William & Rachel (Thompson) Mitchell
Surnames: MITCHELL, THOMPSON#00930
Kerry Trout <ttrout@prodigy.net> Mon, 07 Dec 1998
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Searching for Rachel Thompson, daughter of John, who married William Mitchell in Mercer County KY in 1821. I need her parents and William's siblings and parents.

She was born 13 Apr 1804, and he was born in 1797. They migrated to Lawrence and Monroe Counties, Indiana, and eventually my line ended up in Hendricks County, Indiana.

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Surnames: SILVEY#00931
Sam Silvey <sgsilvey@fiber.net> Mon, 07 Dec 1998
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Seeking any information about the SILVEY's of Mercer County,KY. Samuel Silvey married Betsey Biass 15 June 1814. Samuel also resided in Anderson County, KY as is found in 1830 census. Also found on tax lists in Anderson Co. Last instance in Mercer Co. 1846-47 Mexican War Soldiers list.

Three other Silvey's were married in Mercer Co. They were:
Mary Silvey md. Allen Bryant, 28 Apr 1818
Betsy Silvey md. John Adkins, 27 Mar 1810
Polly Silvey md. Brockman Adkins, 21 Feb 1810

Appreciate any information!

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John W. Hale, Sr. & Elizabeth
Birchell Coslow <cbcoslow@cyberhighway.net> Wed, 09 Dec 1998
Homepage: Mercer County, KY Databases: CAREY
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For what it's worth, following is what I have on John Hale, Jr.s immediate family. Some of it is documented, some not, and part of it is SPECULATIVE (logical but undocumented). I didn't do any of the research myself, unfortunately; if anyone can make corrections or additions, I'd be most appreciative. (Since it's my own ancestral line, I try to keep it as conservative and unembellished as possible.)

For the record, at present I show Nicholas Hale's parents as George Hale Sr. and Ellen Rogers, George's parents being Nicholas Hale and Mary _____, Nicholas having been born in Kent, England, and dying in VA abt 1670.

[You can also find excellent information on John Hale, Sr. and family by following the link below.]


Family Group Record
Husband: John HALE Sr.

Birth: abt 1706 Baltimore Co. MD

Death: aft 1793 Franklin Co. VA

Father: Nicholas HALE (b abt 1680)

Mother: Frances GARRETT
Wife: Elizabeth

Birth: bef 1729

Death: ca bet 1786 a VA
1 M Thomas HALE

Birth: Oct 19 1742 Augusta Co. VA

Death: abt Jul 1802 Craig VA

Spouse: Jane ARMSTRONG

Spouse: Agnes PRICE (m 1780)
2 M John HALE Jr.

Birth: abt 1750

Death: bet 1798-1798 Mercer Co. KY

Spouse: Mary WILLIS (m abt 1773)

Spouse: Mary ?
3 M Joseph HALE

Birth: abt 1751 VA

Moved to:: bef 1791 Mercer Co. KY

Death: Jul 1791 Mercer Co. KY

Spouse: Nancy Ann WILLIS (m abt 1773)
4 F Mary Margaret "Polly" HALE

Birth: abt 1752

Death: 1814/15 Mercer Co. KY

Spouse: Charles HUNGATE (m abt 1773)
5 M Edward HALE

Birth: abt 1756 Franklin Co. VA

Death: 1813 Mercer Co. WV

Spouse: Patsy PERDUE (m Sep 26 1785)
6 M Benjamin HALE

Birth: abt 1758
7 F Elizabeth HALE

Birth: abt 1761

Birth: abt 1761

Death: Aug 19 1839 Washington Co. IN

Death: Aug 19 1839 Washington Co. IN

Spouse: John HUNGATE
8 M William HALE

Birth: abt 1762 VA

9 M Job HALE

Birth: abt 1764 Randolph Co NC

Death: Nov 6 1791 Preble Co. OH

Spouse: Hannah OGLE
10 M Jesse HALE Sr.

Birth: abt 1765

Death: Dec 15 1812 Mercer Co. KY

Spouse: Nancy HUFF (m bef 1791)
11 F Abigail HALE

Birth: abt 1768

Birth: abt 1768

Death: VA

Death: VA

Spouse: Levi LOYD (m Jan 7 1786)
12 F Hannah HALE

Spouse: Daniel HUFF (m Aug 30 1790)
Prepared Dec 9 1998 by:
Carroll B. Coslow
1903 Rainbow Ave.
Laramie WY 82070-4319

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Ashbys of Mercer County KY
Chris Crabtree <gopwins@juno.com> Thu, 10 Dec 1998
Homepage: Crabtree Family Roots
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My ancestor Captain Stephen Ashby was in Mercer County in the 1790's. To see a huge amount of information about him and his fellow family members go to my website at http://php.indiana.edu/~crabtre
Stephen and other Ashby's migrated to the Western KY counties of Christian, Hopkins, Webster and Henderson during that same time period. I have the following references to him regarding Mercer County:

Was listed as an appraiser in the will of HOLLAN, ALEXANDER H. of Mercer County KY; Inventory: September 3, 1791: Book 1 Page 85 Apprs: Stephen Ashby, David Williams, Henry W. Moss, Aaron Hog. Admr: W. Andrew Kelso. Appraisement: Oct. 1792: , Book 1 Page 91 [Mercer Co. KY Wills 1786-1826]

Was listed as an appraiser in the will of QUIGLY, JAMES; of Mercer County KY; Appraisement: March 25, 1793: Apprs: John Thomas, Stephen Ashby, Daniel Ashby. Book 1 Page 102 [Mercer Co. KY Wills 1786-1826,]

Was listed as an appraiser in the will of THOMAS, DAVID of Mercer County KY; Appraisement: September 18, 1793: Apprs: John Threlkeld, Stephen Ashby, Walter Bohon. Book 1 Page 124 [Mercer Co. KY Wills 1786-1826,]
Will of Stephen(2) Ashby
"In the name of God Amen. I Stephen ASHBY Sr. of Mercer Co. and State aforesaid, being sick and very low Though sound in memory calling to mind that all men Once must die first of all, I recommend my soul to God that gave it and as to my wordly affairs I do make Ordain and Constitute this my last WILL and Testament Revoking all other heretofore made by me, It is my will and desire that after all my Just Debts are Paid, Out of moveable property that my wife /_not named_/ have the balance as long as she lives and at her death to be Equality divided between my sons John, Stephen, and Enos, Also I leave the Plantation where on my wife now lives, to Her as long as she lives & at her death I will it to my son Enos, I also leave my negros Christopher & Delis to my wife as long as she lives and at her Death to be Equally Divided between my sons - Daniel - Absolom - John - Stephen and Enos, as for my young negros Frederick, Milly, Hannah, Geane, Rachel, James Also one negro who or has run off from my son Absalom, to be equally divided between my sons Daniel ASHBY, Absalom, John, Stephen and Enos. I also leave unto my Daughter Letitia NEALE Thirty Five Pounds which Thirty Pounds she has Received, Also I leave to my Daughter Rosa TIMMONS one negro Equal to the one which I gave to my Daughter Anna PRATHER which is to be taken off their part of the negros and For my military lands I leave unto my Daughter Letitia (or) Lettice, Rosy and Anna three hundred acres each and if the Lick should make salt I leave one sixty part of the benefit of the salt licks to my Daughters. As for the balance of my Military land I leave to be equally divided between my Sons Daniel, Absalom, John and Stephen except two hundred acres which I leave to my son Enos and one fifth part of the salt lick if it will make salt. I now appoint my sons Daniel ASHBY, Absalom ASHBY, John ASHBY and Stephen ASHBY my Lawful Executors.

In Testimony Whereof I have Hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Nineteenth day of May one Thousand seven hundred and Ninety Seven.

In the presents of us Stephen ASHBY (seal) Thomas ADAMS, Jno WAGGONER, Enos HARDIN, Jilson HOWELL, Gibson HARRAIL, Mason Jones."

[Source- Will Book 2, p. 36, Mercer County, KY, Will of Stephen Ashby, dated 19 May 1797, proved July Court 1797]

The inventory of personal estate of Capt. Stephen Ashby included 8 slaves, 5 head of horses, 19 head of cattle, 16 head of sheep, and 80 head of hogs. The total value of stock, slaves, furniture, wagon, plow shares, etc. was 718 pounds. [Will Book 2, p. 174, Mercer Co. KY]

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Disponet Family
Lee Stockman <stockman_allen@zianet.com> Thu, 10 Dec 1998
Homepage: Stockman Family Newsletter
Christopher Disponet, name spelled many different ways, moved to Mercer Co ca 1785 with his Wife Mary Ann, and family. Wife's name was recorded in Spanish baptismal records of a grandson as "Jonet". Daughter Katherine Disponet married Frederick Stockman was they wre in New Madrid, MO in 1790. Wish to share and compare info on these families.
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Freeman Family
Surnames: FREEMAN#00939
William D. Freeman Fri, 11 Dec 1998
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MERCER COUNTY: Looking for info on early Freeman's in Mercer County or in other areas of KY. My Freeman's moved into Mercer Co during the 1776-86. Key name would be Benjamin Freeman (married Margret Devine in 1786, in Mercer Co. KY). Send e-mail to hamilts@wpgate1.wpafb.af.mil or snail mail to S.E.H.

807 Picket Pl

Dayton, OH 45433


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Surnames: CARR, DEVINE, FREEMAN#00941
Robin Moulton <rmoulton@sprintmail.com> Fri, 11 Dec 1998
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I am also reseaching this line, FREEMAN
Mary Alice Freeman b. 1848 wife of James Knox Polk Carr
father: Bayliss J. Freeman of Woodford Co., KY (no other information)
mother: Nancy Chaplin of Woodford Co.,KY (no other information)

Benjamin Freeman (no other information on this line)
he married Margaret Divine 24 Aug 1786, Mercer Co.,KY Margaret her father: John Divine (I have more information on this family)

If you would like more information on Mary Alice Freeman or the Divine family, I would be glad to share. Hope to hear from you, Robin Moulton

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Hunter Family of Kentucky
Surnames: HUNTER#00942
Bob Hunter <rhunter252@aol.com> Fri, 11 Dec 1998
Searching for James Hunter and his wife Jemima Inloes. A James Hunter appears on the 1800 Tax List of Mercer Co., Kentucky. James and Jemima moved to Kentucky shortly after their marriage on October 4, 1796 at St. James Episcopal Parish in Baltimore, Maryland. One of their children James W. Hunter was born in Kentucky in 1799 and married a Lucinda Garrett of Kentucky in 1821. The children of James and Lucinda were John H., Eliza, Dulcinia T.,James W., Wyatt A., Garrett Wills, & Samuel. Trying to find out the mother and father of James Hunter & Jemima Inloes, and also any other children that were born to them other than James who was born in 1799. Family history says that James Hunter's family immigrated from Ayrshire, Scotland, possibly through Virginia or Georgia.
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Surnames: MOORE#00943
Craig Moore <eaglewiz@newnorth.net> Sat, 12 Dec 1998
Looking for the parents or siblings of Schuyler B. Moore. married Mary Dickerson in 1843 in McDonough County, Illinois
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Graham Family
Surnames: GRAHAM#00944
Dan Pelphrey Sun, 13 Dec 1998
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Searching for information on the Graham Family of Mercer co. My Great-grandfather was Elster Grahma the son of Henry Harvey Graham the son of Cyrus Grahm. I am looking for a copy of the Book. Desc. of Daniel Sanders and Paralee Graham.
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Surnames: CASEY, KASOR, WHOBERRY#00945
Sandra Prill <elaine4737@aol.com> Sun, 13 Dec 1998
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Looking for information on David Casey who married Elizabeth Whoberry on Oct 12, 1815 in Mercer County and also Andrew Casey who married Anne Kasor on Sept 21, 1797 in Mercer County. Any help would be appreciated.
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Surnames: RILEY#00947
TERRY STIVERS <l113583@appl.ge.com> Mon, 14 Dec 1998
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1792-1806 Mercer Co.
Surnames: HART#00949
Lynn Hart Bauer <jbgohome@concentric.net> Mon, 14 Dec 1998
David Hart II b.12/18/1768 in NC married Margaret Blackwelder in 1776. David and Margaret had 11 children. Their second son, Moses, was born in Mercer Co. in 1792. Other children include: Caleb, Solomon, Charles, Daniel, Washington, David, Nathan (b 1806 in TN), Anderson, Margaret or Elizabeth, and an unknown son. Looking for any information on this family. Also looking for David Hart II's 6 brothers and 2 sisters.
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